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Terms & Conditions
Thank you for chosing to partner with MacPherson's. Here's everything you need to know about doing business with us, all in one place.
Open Account Terms:
  • MacPherson's distribution center orders: 1% 15 days, net 30 days
  • Drop Shipmets: net 60 days
  • Terms are extended based on prior approval of our Accounts Receivable Department.
Credit/Debit Cards
Credit/Debit Cardsmay be accepted on prior approval of our Accounts Receivable Department. Credit/Debit Cards may be authorized for the original order value plus 20% to cover freight, price changes, applicable taxes, etc. Credit/Debit cards may be subject to additional charges to cover applicable bank fees.
Note Regarding Debit Cards
If you have used a bank debit card to place your order you may see what appears to be a second charge on your account. However, you were not billed twice. The first item is, in effect, your bank's authorization for the purchase. If there is a second item, it is the actual charge that was made to your account when the order was processed. The first entry will be removed from your account by your bank in accordance with its own policies.
Minimum order values apply.
Freight - Effective March 1, 2018
All Shipments are F.O.B. our Dock in Suwanee, Georgia or Reno, Nevada. Freight charges are added to all orders. Freight charges may be deducted if the order meets the minimum amounts stated below and if the invoice is paid within terms. Total account must be current to be eligible for freight deductions. The due date can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the invoice. Freight on certain items is classified as non-deductible. COD charges are never deductible. Special handling charges and charges over the freight cost of shipping "best way" are the responsibility of the customer (e.g.: hazardous materials, UPS Red Label, third party ship to address, etc.) MacPherson's reserves the right to choose all carriers.
This policy applies only to shipments consigned to a customer's primary shipping address. Shipments to third parties or addresses other than a customer's primary shipping location are covered by our B2C program. Please contact your MacPherson's sales representative for details of our B2C program.
Freight on Vendor Direct Drop Shipments is not covered by this freight policy and will vary by vendor and are not deductible unless otherwise stated.
Effective February 1st, 2015, a fuel surcharge was added as a non-deductible item to all invoices. Fuel prices will be reviewed on a periodic basis and the percent of fuel surcharge will be adjusted accordingly.
CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES: Orders shipping from MacPherson's assigned default warehouse (nearest warehouse) in excess of $1000 net value may qualify for deductible freight. Freight charges will be added to the invoice and may be deductible if the total account balance is current and the invoice is paid within terms.
Orders shipping from any other MacPherson's warehouse (alternate warehouse) that is not the customer's assigned default warehouse will have the total freight charges added to the invoice as non-deductible freight charges. Customers will receive a 4% freight allowance off invoice (not to exceed the total freight charges) to help offset part or all of the non-deductible freight charges. The 4% freight allowance will be calculated on the in-stock order value from the alternate warehouse only.
HAWAII: All shipments are from our Reno warehouse only. Freight is prepaid to the port on orders in excess of $1,000. All ocean charges are the customer's responsibility. On orders in excess of $1,000 net, the customer may deduct 5% of the net invoice amount as a freight allowance if paid within terms.
ALASKA: Orders shipped to Alaska in excess of $1,000 qualify for freight deduction only on that portion of freight to the farthest point in the contiguous U.S. if paid within terms. The customer is responsible for any additional freight charges. All shipments for Alaska are from our Reno warehouse only.
CANADA: Orders shipped to Canadian Provinces in excess of $1,500 from the customer's designated primary MacPhersons warehouse will qualify for full freight deduction if paid within terms. On orders less than $1,500 freight is the responsibility of the customer. On orders shipped to Canadian Territories all freight charges are the customer's responsibility.
CARIBBEAN: MacPherson's will offer a two tiered freight program to customers in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. All freight charges will be added to the invoice and may be deducted if the order meets the minimum amounts stated below and your total account is current. The due date can be found in the top right hand corner of our invoice. Freight on certain items is classified as non-deductible. Each invoice will indicate whether the freight is deductible or not. Special handling charges and charges over the freight cost of shipping "best way" are the responsibility of the customer (eg: hazardous material, UPS Red Label, expedited air freight, etc.)
Vendor Direct Drop Shipments may be included in this freight program when accompanying a regular qualifying order from our warehouse. Drop Shipment orders should be addressed to the purchasing dealer in care of our Atlanta warehouse, 2935 Shawnee Industrial Way, Suwanee, Georgia, 30024, attention Warehouse Manager.
The following minimum order levels, based on net dealer cost, will apply:
$1,000 to $7,499: Freight will be prepaid and added to invoices as a non-deductible charge for door-to-door delivery, Customers will be allowed a 5% freight allowance based on the net invoice amount ordered, exclusive of freight and fuel surcharges, if paid within terms. Orders directed to a US Continental freight forwarder will be allowed to deduct the full freight amount between our warehouse and the freight forwarder if paid within terms.
$7,500 and over: Freight will be prepaid to purchaser's place of business and added to invoice. Freight charges may be deducted on invoices paid within terms.
Freight allowances are subject to our receipt of payment within specified terms.
This freight policy replaces any and all previous policies.
Drop Ship Orders
Quantity orders from selected vendors may be available on a direct or drop shipment basis. Minimum quantities or dollar values will vary from vendor to vendor. Freight on drop shipments is not covered by MacPherson's standard freight program, and will vary by vendor. Please check with your MacPherson's Account Manager or contact our Customer Service Department for more details. Drop shipment orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable. Drop Ship terms are net 60 days.
Special Orders
Items not available through our standard Catalog or Pocket Pricer may be available as special order items. Special Orders are non-cancelable, non-returnable, non-refundable and must be placed on back order. Certain items must be purchased in minimum quantities to meet vendor case pack requirements. Please allow for extra lead-time on special ordered items.
For all product returns please contact Customer Service to receive a Return Authorization(RA) number.
  • All credit requests must include original Sales Order Number.
  • All returns must arrive at MacPherson's in re-saleable condition in order to qualify for credit. Credit will be disallowed for items not returned in re-saleable condition. (Examples: Products that have been used, damaged, shop worn, or have price stickers.) Repackagingcharges may also apply.
  • RA Number – Must be prominently displayed on the outside of the returned package.
  • For Multiple RAs – The items associated to each individual RA, must be packaged separately, with the correct RA number written on each package. Packaging can be bags or boxes, as long as the items for each RA are separated and labeled.
  • Ordered Errors/Overstock Returns – Will be accepted for return only if purchased from MacPherson's in the past 90 days. These types of returns will be subject to a 20% inventory restocking charge.
Before Accepting Deliveries
Please carefully inspect all freight deliveries for quantity and damage. Please inspect and count all pallet and carton quantities indicated on the delivery document before signing. Any exceptions must be noted before signing for the shipment "free and clear". All pallet shipments should be secured by tape clearly displaying the MacPherson's logo and phone number. If you receive a pallet(s) not displaying MacPherson's tape please contact our Customer Service immediately and do not sign for the shipment. Requests for credit on product shortages or damages must be made within 10 days of the original shipment.
MacPherson's assumes no responsibility for product damage caused by the freight carrier. Upon receipt of goods with obvious or concealed damage, the customer should contact the carrier and request immediate inspection or note damages clearly on the delivery document. MacPherson's, to the best of its ability, will assist the customer by providing paperwork needed to complete a freight claim.
Credit can be requested through our website, via Online Express.
Additional Information
Golden, Faber-Castell, Pebeo and STABILO products are available through MacPherson's for domestic U.S. sales only.
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