Our highly anticipated Warehouse Management System (WMS) upgrade is set to launch on Monday, October 8 in our Reno Distribution Center.
We're pleased to announce that our WMS upgrade project is reaching a major milestone: our October 8 launch in Reno.
WMS is the "brains" of our distribution centers that tracks inventory locations, determines how orders are processed, and how freight is shipped. We selected the leader in warehouse software platforms, Manhattan Associates, for this new software investment.
This is the largest technology investment in MacPherson's history. We have devoted hundreds of hours configuring and testing the system to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible service to you. It's also important to note that we're carefully phasing in the implementation of this upgrade. Our Atlanta Distribution Center will continue to operate with our current systems, though we're scheduled to transition that DC to the new software at the end of the first quarter in 2019.
While we intend to make this cut-over as transparent as possible, there will be some immediate differences in what your receiving teams will see. Please see below for some details:
Carton Labels
The labeling on the cartons will be slightly different. Our paper packing slips will be replaced by packing labels applied to the boxes. These labels will contain the contents, by item and quantity, of each carton. If you currently receive customized packing slips, either master pack list or per box pack list, these will now be sent to you via email or they will be available for printing from our web site, Online Express (OEX). Details on how to set up - then print or receive by email - custom packing slips will be available soon. You will be notified when this feature is available.
Upgraded Packaging
As part of this new software project we have captured all of the dimensional and weight information for all 50,000+ items in our inventory. We will be implementing logic that will maximize the use of carton space, sometimes referred to as "cartonization." The cartons that come to you should be fuller, leaving less room for the product to move around and requiring less packing material to fill voids.
As with any major software integration project, there are many complexities as we start-up the new system and ramp-up the MacPherson's team members. While we are confident that this start-up will be successful, the first two weeks could see some delay of shipments of a day or two as we ramp-up. If your default warehouse is Reno, we would encourage you to place any date-critical orders you need as soon as possible to avoid any delays.
We are excited as we open this new chapter in our company's history and upgrade the technology by which we serve you. Please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Service Rep if you have any questions or concerns.
Be sure to come back to this page for WMS updates and news.
To Our Valued Partners,
It is with reluctance that we announce Michael Lin has made a difficult personal decision to step down from his role as Director of Supply Chain Operations and tender his resignation from MacPherson's effective July 20, 2018. Michael has been leading our DCs, freight program, customer service and most recently the inventory/product development teams. He has been spearheading our DC technology upgrade with the implementation of the WMS project as well as adding new RF guns and voice pick hardware.
Jim Semitekol, Acting COO, will step in to handle Michael's responsibilities while we discuss and evaluate what the profile, skills, and experience need to be for the new person we plan to bring on board.
We are on track with our WMS start-up plans; we had pushed back the WMS start-up in Reno until the Fall, after the busy back-to-school season, to mitigate any risks of servicing our customers. We anticipate launching the new WMS in Reno during October and in Atlanta mid-1st quarter of 2019. We are looking forward to the new benefits and additional functionality from this significant investment, which will have an important impact on supporting our growth moving forward.
I have had the opportunity to spend quality time with Michael and have been very impressed with the passion, intensity, and integrity he brings to anything he does. It is clear that Michael loves MacPherson's and highly respects everyone who works here. There is never a good time to make a decision like this, but with the WMS project being pushed back, it provided Michael with an opening to do what he felt was best for him and for his family. We wish Michael and his family the best as they move on to the next phase in their lives.
David J. Schofield
CEO & President
To our valued partners:
As Jim Semitekol let you know, I'm the new CEO and President of MacPherson's, and I am very excited to join this organization. My official start date was May 21st. Over the last few weeks, I've been working closely with members of the leadership team to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process. I am bullish about our company's future, which I appreciate is deeply connected to your success as well.
One of the key reasons I decided to join MacPherson's was because of the focus on delivering the highest level of support to our partners. Throughout my career - which spans multiple industries around the world - building trust and confidence throughout my partner ecosystem has always been the highest priority. We intend to continue to make this our top priority going forward.
While I've spent much time behind the scenes learning what makes MacPherson's tick, meeting with key team members throughout our organization and absorbing a lot of valuable feedback, another critical component of learning about the company and industry is spending time with our partners and listening to your feedback. The entire MacPherson's team appreciates that the best feedback we can receive is directly from our partners, on the front lines, doing battle every day ... this is where the "rubber hits the road." It is from you we will learn the most about how we can provide more value. Your input is essential to our success as we move the company forward.
My goal is to start spending time out in the field to hear from you. Along with attending the Dealer Workshop in Las Vegas the week of June 11th, we will begin reaching out directly to arrange opportunities to connect. The agenda for these meetings is open, but we'd like to come away with clear thoughts on the following:
  • What have we done well to serve you and your business over the years?
  • Where have we fallen short of your expectations?
  • What do we need to do to provide you with more value to help you build your business?
I am humbled and honored to be stepping in as your CEO. We have so many great opportunities in front of us, and I look forward to working closely with you in the months and years ahead.
David J. Schofield
CEO & President
April 30, 2018
To our valued partners,
As we let you know in January, Frank Stapleton stepped down as CEO and a search for his replacement was underway -- no easy task considering his long tenure with the company he helped build. Today, we're pleased to announce that we have completed the search and selected David J. Schofield as the new CEO and President of MacPherson's. He officially starts with us on May 21 and has already begun the immersion process with our senior leadership team.
Dave joins us with a rich background of leadership experience from a wide range of domestic and international customer service-centric industries. Among his many capabilities, he has a proven track record of forging powerful relationships with customers and ensuring they receive the highest-levels of support possible. We are tremendously excited for him to take the reins and look forward to introducing you to him soon.
David J. Schofield

Out of the gate, Dave will spend the majority of his time meeting directly with all key stakeholders -- which includes our ESOP employees, customers and suppliers -- to gather feedback on how MacPherson's can provide more value and improved service at every point of interaction.
Leadership transitions provide organizations with the opportunity to reflect on their core values and reaffirm them. For us this means ensuring that we continue to provide the best service we can, while continually optimizing and improving systems and processes. To support the transition, I will remain as the company's acting COO and am planning to work closely with our leadership team to introduce Dave to you.
Should you have any immediate questions, please let me know. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to schedule a time for you to meet Dave as well.
Jim Semitekol
Acting COO, MacPherson's

January 24, 2018
To All MacPherson's Partners,
We are pleased to announce that John Stephens, Director of Sales and Digital Commerce, will expand his role and now be responsible to lead the company's national sales team. John joined MacPherson's last year and has been instrumental in developing the company's sales and marketing strategy in support of our customers and suppliers. John will be reporting to Jim Semitekol, Interim Managing Executive.
MacPherson's would also like to share news with you that Neil McIntyre is now National Field Sales Manager, responsible for our traditional fine art store customer base. Neil is well known and respected throughout the industry for his knowledge of the business and our customers. In his new role he will also be partnering with MacPherson's leadership to evolve the sales organization, identify new opportunities and build on the company's commitment to service excellence for customers and suppliers. Neil will be reporting to John Stephens.
John and Neil are each highly capable and knowledgeable executives that represent the new generation of leaders at MacPherson's. Our customers and industry partners can be confident that MacPherson's will continue to deliver the high level of service they currently enjoy.
We are committed to continuing the tradition of MacPherson's as a valuable partner to all our customers and to providing the best solution for fine art supply in the industry. We are making considerable investments in our logistics capability with new software to manage our warehouse operations. That project should be completed in the second quarter of this year.
Additional investments are being made in our business to business web platform, Online Express. These investments are designed to improve the user experience when searching for product, placing orders and obtaining valuable product information.
This is an exciting time for MacPherson's as we continue to expand our business and focus on additional value added services. Our 2018 focus will center uncovering new opportunities, but also continuing to help our customers succeed amid our changing retail environment. We will continue to support them and do whatever we can to help them compete and grow their businesses in this changing world.
We have a talented team here at MacPherson's whose mission is to support our customers' success. The company has a deep understanding of our customers and their business that allows us to add true value as a business partner.
MacPherson's is the largest employee owned supplier of creative products in North America. The company serves the industry from national craft store chains down to small independent art retailers. The company is passionate about fostering creative lifestyles and enabling the artists of the future. Over the course of more than 40 years, MacPherson's has developed solutions that make ordering and managing retail art supplies fast, efficient and reliable.

John Stephens joined MacPherson's in 2017. Prior to that he was Head of Global Digital Marketing for Dolby Laboratories where he defined and implemented the company's digital marketing strategy and was responsible for customer acquisition, experience, and engagement. Prior to his experience at Dolby, John has spent time at Dell Inc. and Young & Rubicam, one of the most iconic global marketing communications companies in the world.

Neil McIntyre, National Field Sales Manager, has been with MacPherson's for the past five years, most recently as Eastern Regional Sales Manager. Prior to joining MacPherson's Neil was a sales representative with ColArt Americas. Neil brings a wealth of experience in the industry and a great enthusiasm for his team and our customers.

Please send all questions or inquiries to
Emeryville, CA (January 18, 2018) - Today, MacPherson's, the leading supplier of art supplies and equipment, announced that Frank Stapleton is stepping down from his role as MacPherson's chief executive officer. Frank Stapleton led the company over the span of a 45-year career. Additionally, the company announced that Steve Robinson is also stepping down from his role as president, a role that he has served in since January of 2017. The last official days at MacPherson's for Frank Stapleton and Steve Robinson will be at the end of the month. This was worked out in full agreement with the Board of Directors of MacPherson's.
MacPherson's is also pleased to announce that Jim Semitekol will return to lead the company during the transition period as interim managing executive. He will work with Frank and Steve, who have agreed to strategic consultant roles, to ensure a smooth transition of industry relationships and support customer success. Board Members Alison Norton Nelson and Renee Thomas Jacobs will work closely with Jim Semitekol to support MacPherson's executive leadership team while the search for a new CEO is conducted.
"On behalf of the Board, and everyone at MacPherson's, we want to thank Frank for his leadership and commitment to all of us over the years," said Alison Norton Nelson. "This is a bittersweet moment as we consider Frank's many contributions to the art world and his dedication to building a world-class business."
Renee Thomas Jacobs added, "We also wish to thank Steve for his more than 30 years of service to MacPherson's. Steve has dedicated the majority of his career to this company, and during his tenure he has helped shape nearly every facet of the business."
Please send all questions or inquiries to
Our freight policy is changing March 1, 2018. Click to see the Freight section of our Terms & Conditions for details.

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